Thursday, September 24, 2015

Book Review :: Down the Rabbit Hole

While we were on our mini vaca I wandered into a Barnes and Noble one evening and stayed in there for almost two hours reading the backs of books trying to find my next read. I don't normally have this much time to spend in a bookstore because my hubby isn't a fan of shopping and I always feel rushed. This particular evening he was night fishing and I decided to go spend some time by myself. Towards the end of my browsing I came across the autobiography section and saw this book by Holly Madison. The bright pink book cover is what really caught my eye and seeing Holly on the cover gave me flash backs of my teenager days when I would sneakily watch The Girls Next Door on E! when my parents were not around. I never thought it wasn't wholesome television but it was right up there with the MTV channel in our Catholic home and Mom wouldn't have allowed it. 

Reading Holly's story I realized that I was too young to be watching The Girls Next Door because I never even noticed that over half the stuff was even going on. Holly's story definitely gave me a whole new view of Hugh Heffner and his lifestyle. I always figured he was a pervy old man but he also had some other major issues that unfortunately played with a lot of those girls minds. I didn't realize how hard it was for Holly and some of the other girls to recover their public image from the riskay, party girl life style to a more role model and successful career. 

If you were a young girls in the mid 90s who watched the Girls Next Door I would definitely recommend you picking this up because it will give you a whole new outlook on Playboy and I can promise you will not be able to put this one down. I finished it in 4 days, partly because we were on vacation and I had some time to totally do nothing but bury my nose in some pages and soak up some sunshine with my toes in the sand.

When was the last time you got to spend countless hours in a bookstore? 
I know I wish I could do it more often!
My next review should be the other book laying up there, All the Single Ladies by Dorothea Benton Frank. Has anyone else read it? I am having a hard time really getting into it so I can finish it. I have no plans for this Saturday morning so I am hoping to put a bigger dent in it. 

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  1. Look at you with a fancy new page layout! Lovin' it!! :) I kind of watched the girls next door not... which was probably for the wrong reasons because I just wanted to understand why guys are so into that shit. Lol. I definitely want to start reading now that I kind of have some more time. Aka, naptime! ;)


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