Saturday, September 5, 2015

Blog-tember :: Ipod Shuffle

If someone asked me to list my top 5 things that I could not live without and in that would be music. It is what calms my nerves, creates the best dance parties, has been the culprit of not enough late work night concerts with my best girlfriends and I always have music playing when I am driving somewhere, working around the house and exercising. Anthony and I haven't always agreed to the same genres. I am a die hard country music fan and well Anthony, he is not. In the last year or so though I have been trying to branch out and really enjoy what else is out there.

So here we go, I put my ipod (iphone) on shuffle and these are the first ten songs that played. I honestly didn't realize I listen to these so much, but as I listened to them I couldn't help but realize that I am singing along to every word. 

Edens Edge / Amen - This song is my ultimate sing along with the girls in the car. We can sing every word and the beat is just perfect for car dancing to!

Justin Moore / Flyin' Down a Back Road - The title of this one says it all. I am a die hard Justin Moore fan and this song reminds of Anthony and I's early years of dating. We would literally go backroading all the time. He had his license when we started dating and we both thought it was so cool to just drive around in the truck after school before he would take me home or on summer nights. We almost always took a dirt back road from each others houses just to waste more time and there was the occasional pull off that was perfect for a little make out session ;)   

Tracy Byrd / The Keeper of the Stars - This was "our first dance" song at our wedding and my shuffle just knows that I always love listening to this one so I can have a little reminiscing of my favorite day ever.

Dixie Chicks / Goodbye Earl - This one brings back my 13 year old self and I am not ashamed to admit that these girls still grace my music selection. 

Iggy Azalea / Fancy -Just because this is the perfect song to really jam out to while running.

Taylor Swift / Blank Space - I haven't always been a fan of T.Swift but some of her newer stuff is luring me in and her lyrics are so easy to learnt to sing along to.

Johnnyswim / Diamonds - This is a new one I have been listening to. Johnnyswim is a little different from what I usually listen to but it is the type of music that I can listen to while sitting on the front porch, reading a good book and letting loose.

Sam Hunt / Raised on It - I just love listening to the words of this song.

U2 / Where the Streets Have No Name - This would be my relaxing running song, perfect for starting out the run and loosening up.

Rachel Platten / Fight Song - This would be the song that I always play after U2. It puts my mind in a great mood for pushing harder when I am running and gets me breaking a sweat. Last week when this song came on while I was running at the trail I just started singing it outload and throwing some dancing into my run. About a minute into this I looked around and realized there was a family coming up behind me on their bikes and they were just laughing at me. All I could do was laugh at myself and when they passed me I told them that is what good jams will do to you. I am sure I was their source of entertainment for the night.

What are some of your favorite songs? I love a good recommendation and who knows you might find me my new jam! Hope you all have a great Saturday. I am going to finish cleaning this house and packing for Charleston. We leave tonight and I have so much to get done (procrastination at its finest)

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  1. Fight Song is my jam and Amen is such a good one. I had forgotten about it.


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