Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Bachelor Recap - Premiere (S19E2)

Last night on the Bachelor it was pretty much full of a change of rules being changed up throughout the show. In one way I am really happy ABC allowed Chris to bring Kimberly since they get to really know each other Chris wanted to give her a second chance. Another thing announced was that there were no rules about the fact that Chris is living on the same property, right next door. Gotta make things a little interesting...
+ Two of the girls decided that since they were not on the first group date to pay a little visit to Chris' place. This whole scene pretty much got on my nerves. Megan bugged the hell out of me by banging her head off of all the different surfaces in the suite. Umm hun I am sure he is going to appreciate you scratching the shit outta his helmet.

+ Show Me Your Country - first group date
my initial thoughts were how did these girls even know to wear their bikinis under their clothes? and then they were walking through the big city in just their bikinis, all I could think was this is a little obnoxious.
+ Tractor Races? do any of these girls even know how to drive a tractor. They might have gone a little faster if they had shifted gears.

+Group date turned One on One with McKenzie.Some majorly weird conversations. I think her nerves were part to blame but ummm "Aliens?!" I am glad Chris was not set back by the fact that she has a little boy. McKenzie is definitely a kiss and tell kinda girl which in return brings out the jealous bitches back at the Mansion.

+Megan was chosen for the next one on one date. She showed her blonde traits by thinking this was just a simple card sent to her from Chris. Their date turned out wonderful and I felt so bad for her loosing her Daddy during this whole process. Kudos to her for following her heart. She seems very wholesome and potential wifey material. Now please excuse while I plan our trip to the Grand Canyon, feel free to chip in for our private helicopter tour!

+Group Date for Zombie Paintball. I am not going to lie I was afraid a couple times that Ashley was going to go buzurk on all the other girls, possibly even Chris. Poor girl must have popped a couple zanies and drank them down with some vodka. They did not mix well and she turned pretty psycho and all I kept thinking was hello here is one of the girls that is not going to be here next week.

+I like Britt but she seems too sophisticated to be married to a farmer. She reminds me much of Sharleen from Juan Pablo's episode.

+Insert uncomfortable belly button scene with the virgin. I cannot even put my thoughts into words.

+Britt becomes a little jealous, okay a lot jealous, about the other girls macking on Chris. Reality check sweetheart, you are on a reality tv show, get over it!

+The rose ceremony was filled with plenty of surprises including what the commercials gave away of Jillian slipping on the rug along with all with Chris picking psycho Ashley to stick around and sending Tara and Kimberly home.

+I wasn't too impressed with last nights show, other than the Grand Canyon tour. I hope next week brings more entertainment and eye candy.

Last night I was also running back and forth between our bedroom and living room watching the first half of the Ohio State game. How about those Buckeyes! National Champions Baby!!!!! Talk about a good game that left me extremely proud of those boys and their teamwork.


  1. I was thinking the say thing when she kept banging the helmet against the wall! I thought for sure she was going to mark it all up! And yes, that belly button thing was WEIRD!

  2. I'm waiting for the recap on last night's show since I didn't watch it. Lol. Who got sent home?? I can't even believe he kept that Ashley girl... weirdo! It is definitely amazing how "unrealistic" some of the things they do on that show!

  3. Did you watch last nights episode? These girls are getting crazy...I'm ready for him to narrow it down o the real girls.



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