Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Bachelor Recap - Premiere (S19E1)

I hit my snooze button all of three times his morning thanks to staying up til after 11:00 last night watching the Bachelor. But I would not have had it any other way! I have been looking forward to this season for a good while now since I only watched the bachelorette the last time a handful of times and really didn't follow it all the way through.  If we didn't live miles and miles away Julie and I would totally have live viewing parties every Monday night. Unfortunately we can't so the closest we get to that is texting back and forth our opinions and predictions of what is going to happen next. That is if either one if us can get our husbands to quit jabbing their jaws and purposely trying to distract us from the drama! If only we could send Michael and Anthony off to the woods to go hunting or drinking or whatever it is that guys do.

One big reason I am super excited  for this season of The Bachelor because watching a small town farmer  on the big screen is right up my alley, or should I say dirt road. No really though Chris seems extremely genuine and  he doesn't seem like he is going to mess around and jumping right into it with all of these girls. Between having the first kiss tonight and watching the previews for the rest of the season, it's going to get entertaining.

+Some of my opinions are that Tara probably needs to take this second chance and show that she is not just an outta control drunk ass who can't control herself. I really liked her to begin with but she quickly spun herself out of control. Hopefully she makes a better impression next Monday.

+I really liked Bo and the idea of having a plus size model on here. But putting her on here with 29 other stick figure women I feared if she would even make it passed the first rose ceremony. Good luck honey and someone else is out there for you that will appreciate your curves.

+Brittany please put some clothes on and quit making a disgrace of our name!

+Kelsey seems really classy and I hope she makes it pretty far. I feel like she would be a good Iowa girl.

+There are a good bit of brunettes on here. Maybe that is just a coincidence and the fact that Chris liked Andi so much in the Bachelorette that we all just think he is partial to them. Only time will tell. 

+Ashley you are a loon! Your obsession with onions and that awkward yellow rose dismissal just made you off to be a weirdo to me but who knows maybe you will not  be as crazy as you seem.

+ummm yes there are 30 girls. So what!!! For once I am agreeing with Claire and he is only meant to pick one of you in the end so the number of other women on the show does not matter. This definitely just showed all these girls bitchy sides but hey isn't that why we are all watching this anyways!?

+ I cannot wait to see what this stunt is that Kimberly is pulling. Thanks ABC for making all of us wait until next week. My guess is she went pack in and begged for a second chance and he gave it to her. Who knows maybe Tara flips shit on her and he takes Tara's rose and gives it to Kimberly and tells Tara to hit the road. Guess we won't know until next week!

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  1. Hahah. You crack me up :) yes, we would totally be having live show parties if we lived closer :) I didn't pay nearly enough attention to remember all their names already, so you go girl! Lol. :)


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