Wednesday, January 7, 2015

52 Weeks || Week 1, Old Man Winter, Snuggles & Migraines

Jessica over at Team Wiking hosts this weekly photo link up where she focuses on taking pictures of her kids once a week. However you chose to do it it is opened up for anything, you don't have to do it solely on your kids. I am going to do it this year on pretty much whatever is going on in our lives throughout this year. This is going to force me to bust out the camera and document our lives weekly and share them on here. By the end of the year I will have everything documented and I can put it in our family yearbooks and I might even be more familiar with our camera than I am now. If you have a chance go check out Jessica's 2014 pictures, the way she takes pictures really captures the moment and I love the lighting in all her pictures and she is always having so much fun with her kiddos, oh and her home is absolutely gorgeous.

This week started off with going back to work after a 5 day break after we spent Sunday enjoying our favorite kind of date night with driving the backroads and watching the sun set. I just haven't been really feeling all that great and two days later a migraine has made it's appearance. This is the second migraine I have had in the last four months and they come in with full force, light and noise sensitivity to the point that I have made a few trips to the porcelain throne. Luckily excedrine migraine and sleep are just what it needs to kick it in the butt. Even after it has subsided I am left feeling drained and exhausted. Aside from the migraine we also got graced with freezing temperatures this week and our first major snowfall. Cold winter nights call for snuggling with Tyson and catching up on my reading and many tedious visits to the wood burner in the basement to keep the fire going so we don't freeze.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your migrane! I hope they go away! That's no fun :( That's a beautiful picture you took of the sunset!


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