Thursday, September 18, 2014

Crafty Hubby and If Only Dogs Had Thumbs!

I swear one of these days I will be able to get back into a better blogging routine. Life has been crazy busy around here for us for some reason that I totally don't understand! Everything that I attempt to do or schedule to do gets cancelled and I end up having to do something else.
Perfect example this weeks workout schedule blew out the window. The plan was and has been for the last month and a half or longer to workout at the gym every night after work Monday through Thursday but I have found myself cancelling almost every night this week. Monday we went out to eat for my brother's 21st birthday, so no time for sweating it out at the gym when we had to be in Newark by 6:30 (Newark is a solid 45 minutes from our house now!)
Tuesday, I made it to the gym, thank you workout gods for allowing me one day of keeping my sanity, does anyone else feel like they are just in an all together better mood if they are able to get in a really good workout?
Wednesday we received news that Anthony's sister was in town from Arizona. We had not seen Danielle in probably 3 or 4 years so obviously that was a huge dealio! So my MIL and Danielle came over around 6:30. We had a wonderful visit and were very happy to get to see her!
The rest of the night was spent working on some last minute stuff for Jesie and Kris' wedding which is on Saturday. But Anthony and I got it all done and I am very happy with how it all turned out!
Tonight after work I had to run home, put everything in the car, grab Anthony and head to Kris' Dad's house to start getting everything ready for setting up the reception hall tomorrow morning. So obviously no workout for me tonight! 
Unfortunately tomorrow I have to work until 4 and right after work I am going to be running to Coshocton (aka Crotchcan! which is another solid 40 minutes or so from our house) to put any finishing touches on the reception hall and then it is off to rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. 

So in other words I have officially kissed my sweat sessions for this week out the door and am in turn just going to throw on the corset I got and that dress is going to have to zip!
But onto the better...
We had a full blown craft night last night and I finished the banner and ribbon garland for the wedding and Anthony worked on the programs with close supervision from Tyson!

I had to share the cuteness with all of you!! 
I don't know what is cuter, my hubby making wedding programs or Tyson...
Okay I won't make this uncomfortable for you, Tyson definitely for the win!


  1. Ahh! That last picture is wayy too cute!! Crafting should always be a family affair... much more fun (for me at least)!! ;)

  2. That's nice that Anthony helped you with crafting! I adore that garland and banner! :)


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