Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Spring Shopping

I mentioned on Monday that I have been doing a little more than usual retail therapy. 
All these cute spring styles that are coming out and add in the sales this girl just cannot resist.
I always love sharing deals and steals I get with my friends so they can take advantage too...

Cropped Pants from JC Penny's. I originally bought these teal pants about two months ago but they have been hanging in my closet waiting for warmer weather. I finally got a chance to wear them last week to work and Sarah and Courtney that I work with wanted to run there during our lunch break to grab a pair too. I paid full price for them but when we got there they had them already marked down to $17 plus an extra 10% off if you used a different form of payment (ie. your bank card or other credit card other than your Penny's card) so that dropped them down to $15, 50% less than what I paid for the teal ones. I ended up snagging a black, khaki and pink pair too! At that price you might as well have one in every color right?! Online they also have red, peach and white and I am seriously considering getting a pair of the red ones for Ohio State game days at the office!

+ Dresses. Kohls has had some really good sales going on too. I was in there looking for a dress to wear to my cousin's wedding and Anthony's graduation. I first bought this dress a couple months ago but decided it was not as dressy and I was looking for so I decided to wear it for her shower and most likely Easter Sunday Mass. Then when I was in there last weekend I found a 40% off sale that was going on and I bought two dresses, one for Lydia & Ryan's Wedding and the other for Anthony's Graduation Ceremony. The girl at the register ended up giving me another 20% off coupon so that was awesome too!!!

+ Lauren Conrad. Her line is the first thing I always go to when shopping at Kohls. I think it is because everything is just so classy and elegant. I have a couple of her tops and recently I found out she has a jewelry line and shoes too! I bought these flats there when I bought the dresses and I cannot take them off. I love a good pair of flats and these have a little more support than most do. They also have them in a bone color and brown that I am thinking about getting. They say if the shoe fits buy it in every color!!!

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