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I promise I am getting back into a blogging routine.
We really just hadn't that much going on and I was having such a hard time adjusting to my new work schedule, but I am finally getting back into it and Spring is finally here we are going to be getting into more fun stuff and this weekend it all kicked off!
So here is some stuff that we have been getting into as of lately...

+Walking at the trail. I would prefer to be running but my lower back and knees have really been aching plus one of my new friends from work has been joining me and she isn't really up for running either. Last week we got in 2-3 miles each day and it was so nice to get outside and enjoy the nice weather Ohio has been gracing us with instead of being cooped up in the house. This winter has been entirely way too long and I am so anxious to for nicer weather to be here for good!
+New gym tour. The hospital here in Zanesville teamed up with the community college here and for the last 3 years they have been in the process of putting together the funding and building a brand new gym here. Zanesville has a couple little gyms but nothing compared to what they have just built. Rumor was that there was even going to be a swimming pool and the rumor was true!!! Last week during one of our walks at the trail Sarah and I went inside the newly opened Muskingum Recreation Center (MRC) and requested a tour. As soon as we stepped in the doors I no longer felt like I was in small town Zanesville and felt like I was in something more like one of the rec centers in Dublin where my Uncle and Aunt live. The locker rooms look like your is some fancy spa and there is a sauna and steam room, there are two pools (one for lap swimming and one for aerobics classes), there are multiple classrooms for yoga, spinning and dance classes, plus the whole upstairs with brand new cardio equipment and weights and machines. After the tour I decided I would talk to Anthony about getting a membership here and cancelling my other one that I never use at Nautilus. He agreed that I would get much more use out of this new gym instead and tonight I actually joined when I got off work and swam some laps. Talk about being out of shape!!!

+Bridal Showers. This summer is going to be full of showers that I am helping host and decorate for. Saturday was the first one, my cousin Lydia is getting married in two weeks and her Mom, my Mom and myself threw her a nice little shower for our side of the family. It was at her mom, Terry's house, in Clintonville. Terry did all the food and Mom and I were in charge of decorations. Mom and I made this really cute wreath that was Pinterest inspired and I put together a really cute picture banner and bought some flowers from Trader Joe's. We don't have a Trader Joe's close to Zanesville but there are a couple in Columbus so since that was on the way I had Mom stop so I could pick some up. I love the fact that they always have fresh and very reasonable flowers!!

 +Double Cut & Neal McCoy Concert. My cousin and his band were the opening act for Neal McCoy on Saturday at Secrest Auditorium here in Zanesville. our friends Jesie, Kris, Julie and Clay went with us and our surprised my Mom and Dad with tickets for their 25th Wedding Anniversary. We had great seats in the fourth row and the show was great. Neal McCoy is definitely a great entertainer. Multiple times he was down off the stage high fiving everyone and having us all sing along with him. If you ever get a chance to see him perform do not pass it up!!!

+Retail Therapy. With Spring finally coming I have been doing a little (okay maybe a little too much) shopping but everything is so cute! Plus with my new job and I get to dress up Monday-Thursday and there are so many cute dresses, tops and sandals for Spring and Summer. I will be sharing some of awesome steals I have gotten later this week!
+Vacation Planning. We already have a beach trip planned to go to Charleston, SC in July but we also enjoy spending time outside going camping, hiking and kayaking so we started throwing together a couple weekend trips for this summer. One is particular that I am looking forward to is on our Anniversary weekend in June to go camping at Daniel Boone National Forest in Kentucky. We plan on taking the kayaks and doing some hiking around the Cumberland Falls area. Some other trips we are considering are to Ohio Pyle, PA for and Mammoth Cave in Kentucky. Some in State trips are also in the makings for Seneca Lake and maybe even Mohican. It is so much fun to add these little trips into our Summer so we have some time to get away and enjoy the outdoors.
+Graduation Party Planning. Anthony graduates May 10th and I am planning a graduation party at our house after the ceremony. It is going to be in our front yard so I am looking forward to getting some mulch put down in the flower beds and some flowers planted along with doing some thorough spring cleaning. Aside from a small handful of family members that have been to our house this will be the first big party we are having and obviously more of my in-laws side will be coming. I will definitely be posting more about the party planning and some of my ideas for it.

As you can tell there is a lot of planning going on so hopefully everything comes off without a hitch and the parties turn out great. I will definitely be posting about all of it and I cannot wait to share more.
This week we are watching Mom and Dad's dog, Tank, while they are on their cruise to the Bahamas for their 25th Wedding Anniversary. They boarded the boat today so we will not be hearing from them until Saturday. I know they are going to have a blast but I hope their trip doesn't fly by just like every other vacation always does.
I also hope you all have a wonderful week!

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  1. So nice to see you back in action! Haha ;) I love your dress from the bridal shower! Pretty colors! :) That is so awesome that you got a new and awesome gym! I'm jealous! Have fun planning the graduation party for Anthony! :)


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