Monday, February 4, 2013

A quarter of century old

Happy Birthday to my best friend

 the one that accepts me just the way I am. 
whether its all dolled up or just a pony tail and no makeup
 my turkey hunter
 the one who is going to give me his last name!

the one who cooks the best blueberry pancakes

 spends time with my family

 goes back to the place we met almost 8 years ago
takes me out on dates

 cooperates in taking tons of pictures no matter how awkward he feels
 teaches me everything he knows about hunting

 Happy 25th Birthday Babe! even though I know your probably not reading this unless I send you a link so you do. I love you so much and I cannot wait to spend the next 100 birthday with you! only all the ones to go now I will get to be your wifey. 
I love you, xoxo

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