Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I use what I got...

 I am assuming everyone has heard about these new hair ties, because I am usually the one that is finding out about new trends like 4 months later. But any who...
I first started noticing them on my IG feed in pictures of people with them on their wrists then last week I started noticing people blogging about them.
So I decided to check them out and see where I could get my hands on them..
That was until I saw their price tag.
$5.99 for 3 hair ties that look like this
$4.99 for 1 head band
Come on girls!? this college girl cannot afford something fancy and so simple at these prices. 
Then I had this aha moment and realized that I could make my own that would be just as cute (maybe even cuter) and get the same job done.

All I did was borrow from my elastic lace stash for the wedding. 
Similar to this:
which was only $2.99 for the whole roll.
I just measured it around my head, cut it off and tied it in a bow around my head just like a headband and I was off to begin my workout. I even had 2 different people ask me where I got one that looked like lace because they had seen them too and of course I spilled my little secret. 

Don't mind that big shiny spot on my head. I forgot to take a picture when I was at the gym so I took one when I was shopping at Maurice's afterwards. But see how cute that headband is?! 
Now I just need to make it into Hobby Lobby to buy some thinner ones then I can make those into hair ties. 
I am not in any way telling you not to buy the Emi-Jay accessories or from whatever store you see them in but if you are like me and don't want to pay that much money, here is your solution!

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