Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bedtime with Tank

Starting last week Tank decided he was going to start sleeping in my bed with me. I think our recent camping trip at the river is what instigated this because he slept in the bed that weekend. Our nightly routine is I usually get his lazy bum, which is not easy, up off of the living room floor and put him in my room while I wash my face and brush my teeth then typically when I go back in he is asleep on the floor at the foot of my bed but on Wednesday night I came in and he was sleeping on the bed. I had my phone so I decided to take advantage and we had a little photo shoot. Someday I am going to find the free time to put together all of his pictures but until then the blog is going to help me document everything.

Mom says he almost has Gene Simmons beat with that tongue

Here are some pictures from when he was smaller. We have always be entertained by the way he sleeps. 

favorite picture...he was so little
Thursday we have trick-or-treat at Grandma and Dave's. Tank is dressing up and I can't wait for everyone to see his get-up.

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