Friday, July 1, 2011

3 months ago my Grandpa Price bought me this old cabinet at a home repo and I just got around to restoring it. I ended up just spray painting it white. The next question I came on was "where in the heck am I going to put this?" we already had the big shelves in the kitchen, wouldn't look good in the living room, too pretty for laundry room, and the bathrooms are all too small for it! Then it hit me...My bedroom!!! All I had to do was move my dresser down the wall some more, get rid of my night stand that was just a clutter spot that I didn't use for its true purpose. Having a small bedroom I was really worried it wouldn't fit or would make it too crammed...but it works great. Plus I love all the extra storage I now have and I get to decorate the top of it!!! So here are the pictures.

Before:: forgot to take a pic while it was standing up so this is what ya get.

 After:: spray painted
 All set up in my room! Thanks Anthony 
 awesome knobs that came on it so I decided not to change them!

All decorated on top

Now just to finishing cleaning my room so that Tank is able to sleep without his cage door shut (too scared he is going to chew everything up)

That's all for today. Everyone enjoy your holiday weekend and stay safe! HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!!!

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  1. Hi Brittany!
    I can only see the first photo, but I'm sure it looks fab!! I just wanted to confirm your blog crawl post for July 5!
    xo, Brittany


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