Friday, July 15, 2011

So the last few days...can't even put a sentence together to fully describe. Its just been a whirl wind of emotions and some heartache and lots of tears (sad and happy)

Here are some words to describe it::
more crying
happy tears
more happy tears

So here is what happened..Sunday night Diesel ran away just figured he was out running the neighborhood. But then he didn't come back Monday morning. I started panicking and was driving every where. You see this dog has made several trips through the woods behind our fields over to my Grandma and Grandpa Kuhn's house and then came back. So I was driving all the space in between here and there. Mom and I started getting really scared so we made a trip to the shelter and the pound where we filed a missing dog report. I figured all we could do was wait then. So many possible scenarios were going through my head..he could have been hit and was lying in the ditch, had a heat stroke in the woods, just chillin at someones house, or was taken maybe (but would he really get in someones car?). So monday evening we had a search party and still no Diesel. So that night I fell asleep balling my eyes out and was heart broken. Tuesday morning I woke up and got my butt into walmart at 8:30 to develop pics to make signs to hang up. Got them hung up at all the gas stations and two local campgrounds. Around 1:00, I was laying in bed crying some more holding my phone waiting for a phone call. I decided why not put this in God's hands and said a prayer for him to help me find him or atleast know he was ok. Literally 2 minutes later I have a voice mail but my phone had not rang. I checked it and sure enough it was a lady name Kelly and she said her neighbor picked him up on 146 and was planning on keeping him. She knew since he was so well behaved he had to belong to someone. She said when he pulled in she would call me and give me a head start to get there before he left or something. I called her back to confirm everything, making sure it was him. She then said he knew they found the owner and left. I had to be at work at 4 and at 3 she called to tell me she had him in her apartment and I could come get him!!! Mom and I jumped in the car and we were off. The whole crazy part of the story is that he was on the other side of town. We got him and I headed to work, Mom dropped me off at 3:58 with two minutes to spare!!! Last night I got home and just laid on the floor hugging him and scratches all his favorite spots.

I can say I have had a smile on my face all day now and can finally start focusing on packing for vacation. We leave on Friday for my Uncle Brad and Aunt Anita's in Charleston, SC!!! we have a bigger crew going than we have had before. Mom, Dad, Anthony, Travis (Anthony's brother), JK, Shalene (JKs gf) and myself. Should be a fun vacation!!! but there won't be very many posts during because it will just be time to relax!

map of the distance he went!

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