Sunday, May 14, 2017

My First Mother's Day

As I woke up early on this Sunday morning which also happens to be my first Mother's Day I am overcome with thankfulness. Thankful to God for choosing me to be Rowan's momma. I have never been more proud of being something than I am to be her mom. I always knew I would want to have children one day and we prayed very hard for this sweet child. The last three months have been the most amazing and challenging times of my life.

On February 22nd when they laid her on my chest my life was changed forever. I don't think my heart has quit smiling since that moment, at times it feels as if it could just explode. Becoming a momma has given my life a greater meaning and purpose. I hope to shape you into a loving, compassionate, God loving, adventurous seeking, brave little lady as the years go by. However, all the plans I have for you will never amount to what you are going to change us into. I thank God for blessing me to be your momma and you my daughter 

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