Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Gender Reveal

Life has been extremely busy and I feel like all we have been doing is run to this, run to that. With no time in between. Yesterday I was back to work after having 5 days off that we spent together in Charleston, South Carolina. All of that I can just share in another post because the last time I blogged on here was before we made our big announcement of what Small Fry would be and I said I would update you all after we had our gender reveal.

Well that Gender Reveal came and went, we shared on social media and that is pretty much where I left off. So for all of you who do not follow us on social media and for this little blog's sake I wanted to make a post announcing Small Fry's gender and the party we threw for the announcement.

You see that pink up there?! That is right, Small Fry is a little girl!!! and this Momma's heart could just explode (either way it would have) but Anthony was and is so excited that we are having a little girl that it just gives me all the feel goods as well!

Little girl is going to go by Rowan Christine
Her Daddy heard the name a few years ago and shared it with Momma and we both just fell in love with it. Christine is my middle name as well as my Mom's middle name so we are just carrying on that tradition with our little family. 

Since finding out that our baby was a little Rowan we have done some work around our house to get ready for her arrival but we are no where where we want to be. I will share some progress once there is enough to share.

I am going to leave you with some pictures from our party. It got dark pretty fast so the pictures are not the best quality but we were surrounded by some of the best people in our lives!

I told you we had lots of people there! So much love for a little girl that no one has met yet, it literally makes my heart want to burst!!!!

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