Bump Day || Week 23

I am trying to play catch up. I had this all saved in my phone but never got around to posting it, I am currently 24.5 weeks but I wanted to get this on her for documentation purposes. 
photo credit:: Palmetto Snapshots

How far along: 23 weeks

Baby size: a grapefruit

Baby's progress: Rowan is listening to our voices now and my heartbeat. She can even hear Tyson barking.

Weight gain: I have officially gained 6 lbs. and hit the 190 mark. I have a doctor appointment next week so I will know for sure if that number is accurate.

Maternity clothes: I finally splurged on some maternity jeans from Old Navy and a couple tops. With the weather right now I have been able to wear some longer tanks with a cute cardigan and a scarf. I am going to start shopping for a winter coat because I am definitely going to need it here in a couple months. I also have some maternity leggings or yoga pants on my wishlist right now.

Stretch marks: I think there might be a couple on the sides of my thigh but those might have been there from before Rowan took up occupancy.

Belly Button in or out: getting flatter, soon enough it will be popped out

Sleep: For the most part I am still sleeping through the night, I still haven't really had to consistently get up to pee throughout the night but I also cut back on the fluids around 8:00 and pee before going to bed.

Gender: GIRL! We are both so thrilled and excited to be having a little lady.

Movement: lots of movement going on. Every time she flips around or gives a little kick I find myself stopping whatever I am doing and just sitting there frozen, waiting for her to do it again. Anthony just started feeling her little flutters.

Best moment this week: Going on our mini vaca/babymoon down to Charleston, SC and getting our maternity pictures on Folly Beach.

Looking forward to: getting the rest of our maternity pictures back from the photographer and starting Rowan's nursery.

Food cravings: Fudge popsicles and Wendy's chili soup

Weirdest food I ate this week: Didn't really adventure out and try anything super new or different.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing at all, being nauseous free has been amazing!

Labor signs: nada, thankfully

What I miss: a cold cut sandwich and big glass of wine

Symptoms: Swollen feet and ankles, I contributed this to riding in the car for our trip and not drinking enough water followed by lots of walking. I finally got them in check once we got home after wearing compression socks the whole ride home.

Workouts: I have been walking and much more active since the tiredness has subsided and just keeping busy has kept me moving pretty much nonstop. This week I am getting back into some intentional walking and picking up some maternity yoga classes on youtube.

Things that suck: Just the little aches and pains, but I know that is to be expected. Oh and not being able to do the physical things that I would normally just do myself.

Nursery? We started cleaning out her little nursery nook area in our bedroom. We were originally going to overhaul the spare bedroom that was turned into a laundry room but decided that was not a wise decision since we don't plan on staying much longer after this winter.

Nesting? Just anxious to get our house fully cleaned after I started purging a bunch of stuff and now it is spread all over the house. For some reason I have also had this urge to repaint our kitchen, hallway and bathroom.

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