Today my office manager commented "you must be hitting a milestone birthday this upcoming month" I replied "I guess I am, I didn't think too much about it". Her next comment was what really hit me, "Are you turning 30?" I laughed and said "no 25!". She said that my insurance premium was going up and that was why she noticed. The conversation ended with her reassuring me that I still have the cheapest premium of all the women in the office. 

Her asking me if I was turning 30 wasn't wven what really got me thinking, it was the thought that I am turning 25 in one month. None of my other birthdays have ever really gotten to me but this one has really got me pondering where I am at in my life. So many of my friends have children, their own homes or are working in their dream jobs. I really feel like my clock is ticking faster and faster.... Do you ever question where you are at in your life? Or have you ever reached an age that you dreaded or just realized that you are another year older? 

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