52 Weeks || 6 Weeks Late

Back during the first week of the year I told myself, and all of you, that I was going to pick up my camera more each week and choose pictures to post each week that really described the last week. Well here I am 7 weeks into the new year and I have only posted this one time. Can you say "slacker"? Well I going to play a little catch up and hopefully from here on out stay on track. Please hold me to it :)

handsome boy

fried oreos for the first time

surprising Anthony and his co workers with donuts

stair stepper aka the death of me

first time making cherry cheesecake

Tyson begging for a bath

ice fishing selfies of my hubby

anyone notice a pattern in my weekly pictures?
the frequent appearance of food and lack of gym selfies or how about that good looking dog of mine.
I wouldn't trade any of them for anything.

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