Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Changing Tradition

We are leaving in less than two hours to join the rest of the family in Surfside, South Carolina for a beachy kind of Thanksgiving. This is something we have never done before and to be honest I am a little apprehensive about it. Maybe it is the thought of breaking tradition or not being able to spend the Holiday with all of our family. It might also be the fact that I was at work til 3:00 and still have not packed for this trip. I think the not being packed part can be a side effect of the above mentioned apprehension. I know once we get there tomorrow morning it will all be worth it and we will thoroughly enjoy our little mini vaca with the family that is able to make it. I just need to breath.

Anthony has the day off and is spending the day finishing up what needs done, doing a little bit of my packing, taking the doggies to where they are staying, and even grabbing what I needed from the grocery store for tomorrow's feasting. He is truly amazing! I am super thankful for him (:

I hope all of you have an amazing Thanksgiving and enjoy your time with your families followed by some shopping on Friday. Be careful traveling and eat to your heart's desire.

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