Friday, August 11, 2017

Five Months of Rowan Christine


We are so close to being half way through Rowan's first year and it is flying by faster than I ever thought possible. As much as I want time to slow down her milestones are so much fun to watch and seeing her succeed just makes us so happy!
Here are Rowan's 5 Month Photos and Updates…

  • She is weighing in at almost 18 lbs now.
  • She is still sleeping all night long and has turned into a belly sleeper. Oh and she is sleeping through the night in her crib!
  • She is so close to sitting up on her own and she has learned that to get wherever she wants she can roll there. She hasn't quite mastered the army crawl but every once in a while she gets it. 
  • She still loves her mommas milk 
  • She is quite the chatterbox and she recently started blowing raspberries (cutest thing ever)
  • She has two teeth now!!!!


No appointment until her 6 month checkup


Miss Rowan is still rocking her mohawk! Some little hairs are starting to fill in on the side. Like I said she is quite the chatterbox and she is always laughing and smiling. She almost always wakes up smiling and is slowly turning her Momma into a morning person.


She has finally created a sleep pattern. She goes to sleep every night no earlier than 10:45 and no later than 11:00/11:15 and she wakes up around 5AM, dreamfeeds for a little while and goes back to sleep until 9:30/9:45.


Little Miss still takes her naps pretty sporadically throughout the day but she has dropped her second three hour nap of the day and reduced it to 45 minutes. 


Rowan has been a fantastic eater however since those two little teeth have come in she bit Momma a couple times so we switched her day time feedings to pumped bottles and through the night if she needs milk I will nurse her. The less distractions the better!

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