Friday, June 9, 2017

Three Months of Rowan Christine

Rowan's third month has been a blast! She has changed so much and we are just loving her sweet, happy go lucky personality. Being her parents has been such a blessing!

Here are Rowan's Month 3 Photos and Updates…


  • She is up to 15 lbs now!
  • She is still sleeping through the night. Next month we might be transitioning her to her crib because she is starting to out grow her bassinet
  • She takes naps pretty much anywhere, just like her Mama!
  • She is officially able to hold her own head up and is so alert. She has been nicknamed Nosey Rosey because she is so easily distracted.
  • She is definitely talking more and more now. 
  • We graduated to size 2 diapers and we can pretty much use any brand diapers and wipes without a reaction which is pretty awesome!


We don't go back to the Dr until she is 6 months old so no update here


Miss Rowan's hair is really starting to lighten up and her eyes are official a beautiful blue. They are so big and bright. Rowan also has the biggest smile which she flashes around pretty often! My cousin Molly finally got a real laugh out of her by tickling her collar bone. It was the best thing ever and we have been tickling her all the time now because it is so cute. 


Her naps throughout the day are not as routine but so far (knock on wood) every night she is asleep by 10:45 and then she sleeps until 4AM. Even then she ends up getting in bed with us and we dream nurse the rest of the morning. I love these moments together so much!


Breastfeeding is still going amazing! I am starting to have a love hate relationship with my pump but I know that pumping is the only way we are going to make it through this first year.

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