Thursday, June 19, 2014

What the What, its Wednesday?!

Actually it would be Thursday night.
 I totally started this yesterday and got a little side tracked.
This week is flying by like crazy, scratch that this whole summer is what is really flying by! 
We are already halfway through June. Slow down please.
I know I have been a little absent over here in blogland but seriously the days have been flying by and by the time I finally settle down at night I have no desire to write a post and instead I just go to sleep.
Anyways, here is a photo dump of what we have been up to around here.
Mr. Fry graduated from College with Fish & Wildlife Management, I threw him a party and all our closest friends and family came over to celebrate with us! I am so proud of him!!!!

My Mom and I did the Race for the Cure 5K back at the beginning of May in Columbus. We didn't end up running it so this was my second year walking it and it was still just as good. Next year I am definitely running!
Mother's Day weekend one of my cousins (our Grandpas are brothers) was in a severe motorcycle accident. She was not wearing a helmet, lost a ton of blood and her leg and has had to have 15 surgeries in the last month but she is still alive and fighting this amazing battle with all of us by her side praying and with God's help every day she is improving. She has a long road ahead but she is so strong!!! I seriously cannot wait to see the mountains she is going to move.
 The Spiker's opened up their pool and I haven't missed a single weekend relaxing there. Life is good!
Memorial Day weekend we had a cookout there on Sunday! Tons of good food, great weather & family. 

With the addition to our family we decided to do a not so little car upgrade to a Honda CR-V
Like I said life is good!
 underwater camera fun!
And this would be where I was all last week, Outerbanks with my parents, Aunt, Uncle and cousins. Unfortunately Anthony was not able to join us but I still had a great time relaxing at the beach and soaking up the sun! I will definitely be posting more about this trip in the next couple days but I just couldn't post without given a couple snippits of our trip.

I am glad to be back to blogging and am hoping I am here to stay. We have lots of fun stuff planned for this summer and I cannot wait to document it all and share it with all of you!
Good night ladies

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  1. Girl! You are SO tan!!!! I'm so jealous! LOL! Looks like life has been super busy and fun!!!!! Love all the pictures of the pool and of your vacation!!!! :) XO


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