Sunday, March 3, 2013

I work out..

I have attempted to write this post like 10 million different times this weekend
okay maybe only 3 or 4 but really I didn't think any of it sounded right.
Let alone the pictures I am posting.
But I know that if I do not write this I will be regretting it in the future.
50 days ago I started my exercising and clean eating lifestyle change journey.
I thought originally I was going to fail and chalk it up to just another dieting fad.
Then I got a little bit more encouragement and positive thoughts and decided I could do this.
I have always wanted to be a runner but never thought I had in me.
On January 12th I ran 1 mile
It was actually split into halves and it took me almost 15 minutes to do them
and honestly I was probably wogging.
This same day I weighed 157 lbs.
seeing these numbers on the scale literally made me sick!
When I graduated in 2009 I weighed a measly 120 lbs.
I know, I know...everyone has told me that I look way too skinny but since then my body has changed majorly. Womanhood has set in and I have gotten bigger hips and bigger boobs.
I really want to see what I would look like weighing 125-130 lbs with my body in
a different structure. 
Here I am at my largest.
Excess flab and little to no muscle tone
My goal is to be 130 by our wedding and have muscle tone
oh and a 6 pack would be very nice.
Here are some pics I have taken after working out to document my progress
and to show that I am actually sweating! 

On Friday I beat my PR for a mile...
1 mile in 9:14!!!
I was so pumped
My previous record was 10:35 on Wednesday
Today I ran 3 miles in 36:45
I decided today that I am going to run a 5K this summer!
As for the weightloss I am seeing positive results here too
January 11, 2013 - 157 lbs
February 20, 2013 - 146.5 lbs
February 27, 2013 - 144 lbs
so I am currently down 13 lbs!!!
Aside from the weightloss my attitude has been so much better and my drive to actually workout has been amazing. I am actually excited about going to the gym and getting my sweat on!!!


  1. Good job, lady!! Keep up the good work, that is awesome :)

  2. That is awesome Britt! Keep up the good work! 13 pounds is a big loss! Congrats! Although, you do look great as it is and I'm positive you will look gorgeous on your wedding day! :) :)


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