Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Earth Day 2019

Whew things have been a little crazy with adjusting to having two littles, returning to work full time and all the other commitments that we have had but I am hoping to get back to blogging like I used to. I have so much catching up to do so be fully ready for some picture overload. Life has been very eventful and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

Last night we enjoyed a little adventure at Black Hand Gorge to celebrate Earth Day. We are very big on taking adventures with the kids and spending lots of time outdoors. We want our kids to have memories of playing outside, getting dirty and knowing all there is to know about mother nature. 

Checking out the woodpecker holes in this tree

Did you do anything fun for Earth Day? 
This weekend we are going on our first camping trip of the year, which will also be Nolan's first camping trip ever and I am doing it solo because Anthony will be in Florida visiting his brother. Well not completely solo, we are going with our friends and Krissy has full intentions of cuddling Nolan all weekend. Meanwhile I will most likely be chasing Rowan around. 

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Nolan Wade | Newborn Session with Anchor Images

My amazing friend Megan came over and took Nolan's newborn pictures and they turned out better than I ever expected. When Megan did Rowan's newborn session it took a few hours because that little lady would not fall asleep and cooperate for pictures. Nolan, however, slept through his whole session until the very end. He was an angel and I am absolutely in love with these pictures of my sweet little boy. Thank you so much Megan!

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Introducing: Nolan Wade

Nolan Wade was born on December 26th, 2018 weighing in at 9lbs 6 oz and 20.5 inches long. 

We are enjoying our new life asa family four and I plan on sharing his birth story, pictures of Rowan meeting her baby brother for the first time and his newborn pictures when I get a free chance to do so.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

oh baby | It's A Boy!!

Back in August we had our long awaited anatomy scan at the doctor's office and we found out that day that Small Fry #2 is a boy!!! We are over the moon thrilled to be blessed with a daughter and a son. Since a little girl is all we have known so far I am still trying to wrap my mind around what life is going to be like with a boy. All I can come up with is that it is going to be fun, crazy and eventful. I pick all three of those because that is everything that life is like with Rowan so I have no doubt that that is how it will be with a little boy. 

No matter what it is like life is going to be absolutely amazing because I already know that I love being a Momma and we have had so much fun already. This little boy, who still remains nameless (oops! second child thing again I guess) will just add so much more to our sweet little family dynamic and we absolutely cannot wait to see his sweet little self!!

I have been absolutely terrible about blogging in general let alone documenting this pregnancy. I feel so behind on taking weekly bump pictures, the last one I took was at 13 weeks and I am already 27 weeks. I guess this is that whole second baby thing that other parents talk about. In an effort to document more which mean to blog more I am going to be playing some catch up in the next few weeks before life gets even crazier with two littles. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Palmetto Snapshots | Family Pictures on our Charleston Vacation

While we were on vacation I just knew we had to have some family pictures done of the three of us on the beach by Michelle with Palmetto Snapshots since she also did our maternity pictures in 2016 when we were pregnant with Rowan. It is so hard to believe that was even that long ago!!! 

We met her at the end of the beach on Folly Beach. It was in the evening and Rowan was not the best behaved but Michelle did an amazing job and capturing these memories of our family! I cannot believe it has taken me this long to share these but here they are. 

Monday, July 9, 2018

This Is Home: Listing Photos Before

This is home!
Some days I am still needing to pinch myself that this is our home. I wanted to share the listing pictures because we have been doing so much work that it is going to look so different from when these were taken. 

This is the front of the house taken from the road. My plan is to paint those shutters black, maybe hang some flower boxes and I am trying to decide it we will paint the door black or go with a different color.

This is the view when you walk in the front door. To the right is the living room and to the left is the dining room. Straight back the hallway leads to the bathroom, kitchen, second hallway area and laundry room. Up the stairs leads to our bedrooms.

The living room. We already have the walls painted, new carpet to be installed Friday and we still need to paint a fresh coat of white paint on all the trim. 

This is the dining room. I have big dreams for this room. I plan to keep it as a dining room however behind that paneling is another fireplace and I cannot wait to get it exposed. We are going to paint all the paneling in here white, install a new chandelier and that little closet is going to become my craft closet. I am looking for an old buffet to put in here as well!

The door in the dining room leads into the kitchen.
We have the carpet in here ripped up and are in the process of picking out the new flooring. I have all the cabinets taken apart and painted. This weekend we should have the green upper section of the walls painted, cabinets back on and new flooring ready to install next weekend. Checkout that little window above the kitchen sink, I love it! It only opens into the laundry and backdoor area but it adds character, which this house is not lacking. One of my favorite parts, well there is a list of probably 10 favorite things, are all the original doors. 

Leaving the kitchen leads you into the backdoor/laundry and extra hallway area and then into the bathroom. This whole area was an add on when it was necessary to have indoor facilities instead of using an outhouse out back.

The bathroom is actually a little bigger than the pictures make it look. I plan on leaving it alone for a little while other than replacing the flooring in here.

Going back out the hallway to the front of the house will take you upstairs. I love the staircase but do wish the original wood would have been left. It was probably so pretty back in it's glory days. At this time stripping all the paint is way to big of a project but maybe sometime in the future we will restore it to its prime.

To the left at the top of the stairs is the oh so lovely red climbing wall room. This will be the Small Fry bedroom. The kids will be sharing a room until we have a contractor come in and possibly separate the bedroom. The only reason we would eventually do that is if this second baby is a boy, if it is a girl they will be sharing bedrooms for sure.

To the right at the top of the stairs is the master bedroom. There is a big walk in closet in this room as well. I am so excited to have a big closet again! We had decent walk in closet when we lived on Dillon Road and it was just so nice to have a place for all of our clothes.

Going out the backdoor leads you to the back porch and backyard. We also have a garage and spring house with fresh spring water and well as a well for when there is a drought. One of our big investments is going to be fencing in the backyard so Rowan and Tyson don't go exploring out by the road. We still need to agree on the type of fence we are going to put up.

We still have lots of work to do but I cannot wait to get officially moved in and be able to be there more so we can knock out these projects faster. Move in date is set for this weekend so fingers crossed that that sticks and we can actually do it!!!